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Victoria Plains Business and Community Highlights

Victoria Plains in Western Australia offers a unique blend of successful businesses and tight-knit communities that work together to make the region thrive. Here are some of the best of business and community in and around Victoria Plains.


1. Bindoon Bakehaus: This family-owned bakery is a must-visit in the region, offering award-winning pies, bread, cakes, and more.

2. New Norcia Hotel: The historic New Norcia Hotel serves up delicious meals and refreshing drinks in a charming atmosphere.

3. ABC Rural: This branch of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation provides important news coverage and insights into the agricultural industry of the region.

4. BGC Contracting: This construction company has been instrumental in building major infrastructure projects in the region, including the Wheatstone LNG project.

5. Bindoon Tractors: For all your farming needs, Bindoon Tractors provides high-quality machinery and equipment for the agricultural industry.


1. The Bindoon Community: The town of Bindoon is a prime example of a community that values its history, with events such as the annual Bindoon Vintage Machinery Day drawing crowds from near and far.

2. The Moora Community: Moora is home to a range of community organizations and events, such as the Moora Agricultural Show and the Moora Speedway.

3. The Wannamal Community: Wannamal boasts a beauty that is hard to surpass with the rolling hills and vast countryside. The tight-knit community frequently comes together for events such as the Wannamal Country Fair.

4. The New Norcia Community: The town of New Norcia is a unique community, being home to both a Catholic monastery and a museum detailing the town's fascinating history.

5. The Dandaragan Community: This coastal region is home to a variety of small towns, each with their unique culture. The annual Dandaragan Wildflower Show celebrates the area's striking wildflower displays in the springtime.

Overall, Victoria Plains is an exceptional region in Australia that exhibits both strong business and community values. Each community within the region works together with its businesses to create a strong economy and a welcoming environment for visitors and residents alike.

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