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Distinguished and Famous people from Victoria Plains

Victoria Plains is a region located in Western Australia, Australia. Over the years, it has been home to many distinguished and famous individuals who have achieved recognition in various fields. Here are some notable personalities associated with this area:

1. Sir David Brand

Sir David Brand (1912-1979) was an Australian politician and the longest-serving Premier of Western Australia. Born in Victoria Plains, Brand served as Premier from 1959 to 1971, overseeing significant developments in the state. He was known for his contributions to education, infrastructure, and agricultural advancements.

2. Albert Egerton Addison

Albert Egerton Addison (1884-1962) was an Australian politician and the Member of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly for the Victoria Plains district from 1914 to 1930. He served as Minister for Education and Lands during his political career.

3. Ernest Carroll

Ernest Carroll (1891-1970) was an Australian rules footballer born in Victoria Plains. He played for the West Perth Football Club in the Western Australian National Football League (WANFL). Carroll is highly regarded as one of the most talented midfielders of his time.

4. Claude Choules

Claude Choules (1901-2011) was the last surviving combat veteran of World War I. Born in Pershore, Worcestershire, England, Choules migrated to Australia in 1926 and settled in the Victoria Plains region. He served in the Royal Navy during World War I and later in the Royal Australian Navy during World War II.

5. Kim Scott

Kim Scott (born 1957) is a notable Australian writer of indigenous descent. He was born in Perth, Western Australia, and has ancestral connections to the Noongar people of the Victoria Plains region. Scott has received numerous literary awards for his novels, including the prestigious Miles Franklin Award.

6. Alan Kupsch

Alan Kupsch (born 1957) is an Australian astrophysicist and professor. He was born in the Victoria Plains region and has made significant contributions in the field of astronomy. Kupsch has conducted research on galaxy formation and evolution and has been involved in various international space missions.

These are just a few of the many distinguished individuals associated with the Victoria Plains region in Western Australia. Through their accomplishments, they have not only brought recognition to themselves but also reflected the talent and diversity of the area.

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